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Building the Future with an Eye to the Past

We added Berkshire pigs to our farm in 2013 after a trial run raising a group of Berkshire feeder pigs.  We were so impressed by the meat flavor, ability to hold its moisture and the dark color of the meat that we knew it was the right breed for us.  Our initial breeding stock came from Brice Conover in Iowa, and from those animals we have built our herd.  
Since we sell our pork through our meat business, we take advantage of the genetic testing available through the American Berkshire Association.  Our boars all breed naturally.  Our pigs are raised outside and farrow in huts.  We genetically test all of our boars for meat quality.  The majority of our pigs are marketed through our meat store, Prairie Center Meats, and we've found a niche selling breeding stock to other producers who sell into specialty pork markets.

Berkshire Pigs: Welcome
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