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About Us

Building the Future with an Eye to the Past

We have been involved with the livestock industry since 1980.  What started as a 4H project, has grown into a career.  Over the years, we have run the gamut from raising purebred frame Suffolks then focusing on a club lamb operation.  In 2015 we started selling meat through our meat company, Prairie Center Meats, and have now transitioned beyond the show ring to a more balanced program.  It seems like there is no middle ground between the animals produced for the "show ring look" and production traits like growth and mothering.  We strive for that balance - raising stock that have maternal and meat quality traits in an attractive package.  Let's face it - no one wants to do chores and look at bunch of ugly animals.  We are working to incorporate data and genetic information into our herd programs as we make livestock decisions.  We are proud of what we raise and are excited about the future.

About Us: Our Farm
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