Berkshire Pork

Berkshire pork is considered to be one of the highest qualities of pork available and has won taste-tests conducted by several independent organizations. The pork has a deeper color and is juicier and more flavorful than grocery store pork.

1” Cut, Bone-in Pork Chops $5 per pound
Bacon and Ham Steaks $4.50 per pound
Sausage $4 per pound
Italian Sausage or Bratwurst $4.50 per pound
Pork Ribs $3 per pound
Boston Butts $4 per pound


Though an underused meat in America, lamb is a delicious red meat full of protein and many other nutrients. It can be grilled, added into stews, oven-roasted and can be used simply with salt and pepper seasoning or can stand up to a stronger spice blend. Our favorite use? Grilled lamb burgers!

Ground Lamb $6 per pound
Lamb Chops $10 per pound
Boneless Leg of Lamb $10 per pound
Lamb Shanks $6 per pound


Our chickens are raised on our farm and average 3-4 lbs each. They are available in a whole chicken or cut-up into 8 pieces for an extra $1 per bird. We are currently sold out of chickens but will have more available mid-August. We are taking pre-orders now.

Whole Chickens (2 1/2-3 1/2 lbs each) $3.50 per pound
Cut-up Chickens available for an extra $1 per bird


Farm Fresh Brown Eggs $3 per dozen


Our beef are all grain-fed and Angus based. This provides optimum marbling which adds to the flavor or the meat.

Ground Beef $6 per pound
1” Cut Bone-in Ribeyes, T-bones or Sirloin Steaks $14 per pound
Arm and Chuck Roasts $6 per pound

Also Available:

• Apple Butter or Grape Jelly $5 per jar